Top 10 Movies of 2008

2008 was a great year for movies! It was definitely the year of the sequel, as many of our favorite characters returned to the big screen. In 2008 movie goers got to see some of the best movies ever produced and streaming online for free at 123 free movies even today. If this year is any indicator of how the future of movies are going to be then we are definitely in for a bright future. To only pick 10 movies and call them the best of the year is a daunting task because there were so many movies that were deserving. This list of movies consists of my top 10 favorite movies for 2008. The movies on this list were not picked on how well they did at the box office, but on how much I enjoyed them.

Here are the movies that almost made it to my top 10 list. In no particular order they are: Max Payne, Quantum of Solace, Untraceable, 10,000 BC, amp; Rambo 4. Arguments could have been made for each of these movies to be on the list, but since there were only 10 spots I had to go with the ones that I enjoyed more.

10. What Happens in Vegas:

I usually don’t like to watch comedies, but when my sister brought this one home I decided to watch it. The more I watched it the more I really enjoyed it. Ashton Kutcher and Cameron Diaz had excellent on screen chemistry. It was a hilarious show that kept me laughing the entire time. This is definitely a movie that most everyone would like, whether you are into comedies or not.

9. Saw 5:

Anyone who has seen the other four Saw movies was definitely excited for this movie to come out. Saw 5 is packed with new traps, more violent deaths, and that same sadistic character known as Jigsaw, but with a new twist. The producers of Saw 5 really did a wonderful job of making all the movies come together and gave the audience a better understanding of the entire plot with this movie. You will be saying, “WOW!” when this movie is over.

8. Transporter 3:

This movie isn’t set to be released until November 26th, but if it is anything like the first two then Transporter 3 is definitely worthy of a top 10 spot. I love action movies and Jason Statham definitely kicks butt in any movie he does. If you love action movies the don’t miss Transporter 3 when it comes out.

7. Step Up 2:

The Streets: This movie was AWESOME! I found myself saying over and over, “I wish I could do that.” The dancing was great and all of the cast members were excellent. The final battle scene in the rain was epic. Step Up 2 is by far the best dance move to date.

6. Never Back Down:

Anybody who saw this movie will wonder why it made the list and actually got #6. Sure it was your typical teen movie, with some bad acting, and a cast that could have stepped off of the set of the OC, but hey I liked it. I liked the MMA aspect of the movie and Djimon Hounsou was wonderful as Jean Roqua, the MMA instructor. This movie was worthy of a top 10 spot in my book.

5. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull:

I, like many other Indy fans have waited many years for him to make an appearance on the big screen again and was not disappointed with installment in the series. Sure I was a little saddened at fact that Sean Connery wasn’t in the movie, but it was still wonderful none the less. I waited in line for the early midnight showing of this movie and it was worth it!

4. Twilight:

I just saw Twilight, and while I feel it doesn’t live up to all of the hype I would definitely pay money to see it again. I am already looking forward to the next installment in the series. Usually I make it a point not to see the movie until I have read the book, but I didn’t follow my rule this time. After seeing the movie I am excited about reading the book because I know it will be that much better. There were no big name stars in this movie, but I think that is what made it so good. You could really get into the movie, because you didn’t see an actor and go, “hey, that person was in…”. All you saw was the characters in the movie.

3. The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian:

I know words like fantastic and awesome get thrown around all the time, but when it comes to The Chronicles of Narnia 2 all of those words and more apply. I felt like I was in the movie and really wished I could pick up a sword and run off to battle. Movies that evoke an emotional response are the best. All of the main characters from the first movie were back and this is another one where I can’t wait for the next installment to come out.

2. Iron Man:

Comic book movies rock and this is one of the best that has ever been made. Iron Man was exciting and a great way to kick of the summer movie season. If you haven’t seen it then you should, because not only was it a great comic book movie, it was a great overall action movie as well!

1. The Dark Knight:

Oh, there is so much that can be said about this movie, where to begin. The Dark Knight is probably one of the darkest and most disturbing PG-13 movies I have ever seen. It was definitely not what I expected and at the same time so much better than I could have hoped for. Just knowing that it was one of Heath Ledger’s last performances made it so much more ominous. The whole time you were watching the Joker character you could tell that he put his whole self into the role. I only wish that Katie Holmes would have been able to continue in the role of Rachel Dawes, because it really sucks when they change out the actors. The action scenes rocked and I was kept in suspense the entire time (as I am not a devout comic book follower). If you missed this one you better catch it when it comes out on dvd.

So, there you have it, my top 10 movies for 2008. Sure you are not going to agree with me but hey, this is MY list. If you don’t like it then make your own (just kidding). No matter whether you agree or disagree with me, these movies are must see so if you missed them the first time around make sure you catch them when the get to dvd.