My Top Ten Sci Fi Television Shows

I love sci-fi, especially sci-fi that seems realistic or that it could be real one day.Most sci-fi shows aren’t realistic, but the good unrealistic shows can actually make you forget how unrealistic they are.Here is my list of my favorite sci-fi TV shows. Every show on this list has been in the marathons that run on the Sci-Fi channel everyday.

10) Tales From the Dark side

This is one of those shows that have a totally different story with totally different actors, settings, and characters every week. Some of these episodes really creep me out. I think this show was from either the late ’80s or early ’90s by the way that they dress.

9) Roswell

This was a great show that ended in 2002, right after the X-Files did. It was about three aliens who landed in the Roswell crash in 1947. This show would be farther up the list, but the show seemed at times too much like a soap opera and the series ended almost exactly the way that the X-Files did-and right after.

8) Dark Angel

This show also ended in 2002 (wow, many of the good shows ended that year). It was about Max, a transgenic that was created by Manticore( a corporation that tried to create the perfect soldier by combining human and animal DNA-sometimes with ugly results), and Logan, the guy who is helping Max in her quest to bring down the people who created her. I love this show because Max defeats the Damsel-in-distress stereotype.

7) Stargate SG1

This show revolves around the SG1 team (originally Col. O’Neil, Major Carter, Tealk, and Daniel Jackson), and their off-world adventures though a large device called the Stargate. I like the story lines and still believe that O’Neil and Carter should have gotten together. Tealk is one of my favorite characters of all time, right next to Spock.

6) The Outer Limits and the Twilight Zone

I know that this is two shows, but they are so similar in style, appearance and quality that They would have been right next to each other on this list and have extremely similar descriptions. It only made sense to put them together. The show at #10 on this list, Tales From The Dark side, is also like these shows, but of a much lower quality than these two shows. The stories give me the shivers, and they usually match up actors to the parts very well. I also love the irony of some of these episodes.

5) The Dresden Files

This show is about a guy, Harry Dresden, who is a wizard. His father and mother were murdered by his uncle, who taught him everything he knows about magic. When Harry Found out what his father did, he killed him. This show is like Harry Potter meets the X-Files. They take care of the unbelievability the same way that J.K. Rowling did, by saying that the normal population doesn’t know anything and is not allowed to know. I like this show because of the banter between the main characters, Harry and Murphy.

4) John Doe

John Doe remembers nothing before he woke up in a clearing on an island, but he knows everything else. I love this show because of the level of knowledge in it. Too bad they didn’t let this show stay on the air after 13 episodes.

3) Threshold

Another show that wasn’t allowed to have it’s full run-only one season. This show is about an alien invasion and one woman’s plan to stop it. I love the story line and the disgusting ways that the aliens try to replicate themselves. The most disgusting was the teeth in the lettuce. You would have to watch to completely understand.

2) The X-Files

Surprise! The X-Phile finds another way to sneak her beloved show into an article! This was the longest-running sci-fi series on American Television until this year when Stargate SG1 has it’s 10th and final season. There are many different intricate plot lines running throughout the series as well as many different characters and enemies. I loved the show as a whole until the 7th season when David Duchovny left because he didn’t want to be stereotyped. Then they put the whole Mulder is abducted story line and later the he just left story line. There are few episodes after this point that I loved. And that is the only reason that The X-Files isn’t at #1 on this list.

1) Star Trek

What fan of sci-fi wouldn’t put this beloved series on any list like this one? And very few sci-fi fans would stick this show somewhere that wasn’t the #1 position. I love this show for the camaraderie between the character- especially Kirk and Spock, and the love-hate relationship of Spock and Bones. The adventures of the Enterprise is secondary to the banter between the characters, because so much of this series is cerebral and not visual.

And there’s my list! Thanks for reading!