“Supernatural” – The Best Show on the CW Network

Supernatural is the best show on the CW Network. Supernatural can be best classified as an American Paranormal Drama. One part Jensen Ackles, one part Jared Padaleki, one part ghosts and demons and you’ve got yourself the best show on the CW Network. Supernatural is a great show for many reasons. For one , it is a show that is based on urban legends and folklore. Some of these urbran legends date back for hundreds of years. The executive producer developed the show to express his love for the supernatural and he has done it in a way that is humorous, heartfelt, and definitely frightening. The main characters are brothers who have the normal sibling rivalry, but take it to a whole new level with pranks. But, when it comes down to it…they have each others backs. Supernatural is currently in its second season and airs on Thursday nights at 9 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.

Jensen Ackles plays Dean Winchester, the oldest brother in the Winchester duo. Dean was raised by his father as a hunter. By hunter, I mean demon hunter, disgruntaled spirit hunter, werewolf hunter, vampire hunter and much more. If its of supernatural origin, Dean knows how to hunt it , kill it, or set it free. Dean is a ladies man but is no strings attached kind of guy. When you hunt demons for a living…settling down is not an option. In the pilot episode Dean travels to see his younger brother Sam(played by Jared Padalecki). Sam is attempting to lead a normal life at college. When their father goes missing after a so called “hunting trip” , the boys must combine forces to search for their missing father. Sam is very reluctant to come along. The hunt for their father leads them all across the country in a black 1967 Chevy Impala chasing after reported ghostly disturbances, demons, and creatures of supernatural origin on the trail to their father.

Dean and Sam were raised to be hunters because of the circumstances surrounding their mother’s death. At four years old Dean Winchester witnessed his mother Mary’s death at the grips of a demon. Her body was pinned to the ceiling in his younger brother Sam’s room. Sam was only an infant at the time. Their mother was engulfed in flames as Sam lay in his crib. The obsession to chase demons began after their father, played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan, was warned by a psychic that Mary was killed by a demon.

Season one is filled with episodes based on American Folklore like the Hook Man, Bloody Mary, Windigo, and the Woman in White. What makes this show so interesting is how the writers have taken American Folklore and intertwined it with the plot of this show. The writers are using material from internet searches, library books based on folklore, Folkloric experts, and urban legends that have been passed down through the decades. Every episode is packed with thrills, chills, and heartfelt brotherly love. Many times during the first and second season Sam or Dean are put in grave danger. The brothers always come through for each other and it shows the strong bond between them.

Season two of Supernatural is currently airing on the CW Network. Warning…spoiler ahead!! This season Daddy Winchester is dead. Sam and Dean are still chasing the demon responsible for both parents deaths. Dean was given a warning by his father that Sam has special abilities and is likely to become possessed by the demon in order to use Sam for his sinister purposes. Dean is also told that there were many other children born with abilities like Sam and that they will be persuaded to work for the wrong side…and a war is coming between good an evil. Dean carries a heavy burden this season as he made a promise to his father that he would kill his own brother if he became evil. Sam eventually finds out about his fathers warning and struggles this season with the reality that haunts him.

If you haven’t seen Supernatural and you are a true fan of the paranormal and the great American folklore, this show will be a pleasure for you to watch. Every episode is packed with excitement, danger, and even hilarity-when the brothers are having a go at each other, playing pranks. Supernatural airs on Thursday nights at 9pm Easter Standard Time. New Episodes begin airing again on April 19th. If you want to catch up, purchase season one. Season two episodes can be viewed online at the CW Network.