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Meet The Parents

Ben Stiller and Robert De Niro bring on the laughs as Greg Focker and Jack Byrnes. Stiller is traveling to the home of his soon to be finance to meet her parents for the first time. Mishaps ensue when De Niro pulls out all the stops,as the future father in law, and puts Stiller to the test. The movie is full of a cat and mouse type humor that will keep you laughing to the end. Meet The Fockers was the sequel with just as much comedy. This time we meet Greg’s parents and the differences in the families is funny in itself.

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American Pie

The American Pie movies are all hilarious. There are three versions, and each one is equally funny. It is the story of a group of graduating high school boys who are out to lose their virginity before college. There is surely a character in the movie that relates to everyone, whether you were shy, outgoing or somewhere in between. If you’re up for an American Pie marathon, rent all three. You will follow the gang into a summer vacation house after college together, and then to the wedding of two of the major characters. Each one will deliver a night of entertainment.

Just Married

This may be an unlikely pick, but it has its fair share of laughs. It is the story of Ashton Kutcher as Tom and Brittany Murphy as Sarah, and their journey through their European honeymoon. Nothing goes as planned for this mismatched couple. She is from money and he is a struggling radio show host. This is the classic “honeymoon gone wrong” story with side splitting moments. You, Me and Dupree: Owen Wilson, Kate Hudson, Matt ...

You, Me And Dupree

This movie has a great cast and a great story. Molly (Kate Hudson) and Carl (Matt Dillon) are newly married and starting their happy new life together when Carl’s best friend Dupree (Owen Wilson) turns up in need of a place to stay. Due to Carl’s big heart, Dupree makes his home with Molly and Carl and creates an abundance of havoc and laughs. Wilson is hilarious as the simple minded, wing nut friend to Dillon’s straight man character. You will want to watch this one again and again.

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Wedding Crashers

Once again, Owen Wilson delivers a great performance along side Vince Vaughn. As John and Jeremy, these two pull one over on everyone when they crash weddings as a summer pastime. Nothing excites these two friends more than partying and meeting women at weddings. At one of their last weddings of the season, they get in over their heads. John falls for a bridesmaid and drags Jeremy along when he gets invited to the family summer home for the weekend. While they attempt to keep up their act, many comical events take place. Wilson and Vaughn are at their best making this movie is a great rental.

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